Like most young children, I loved “helping” in the kitchen; family folklore credits me with sifting icing sugar before I could walk! By the time I was 3 years of age, I had opened my first “store” – an empty shelf in the china cabinet in our family dining room. Each morning, I would collect baking pans, measuring cups and items from each room in the house, offering them up for “sale” to their original owners!

It took several decades of working in the corporate world, an international move and the birth of my two perfect children for the entrepreneurial spirit of that 3 yr old to realize a new beginning!

Since 1996, Sophisticakes has been a part of very special occasions and celebrations throughout Victoria; a “small business” driven by the enthusiastic recommendations of my treasured clients. After almost a decade of delighting customers and working with some of the finest sugar craft, baking and chocolate minds in Australia, sophisticakes of Melbourne’s cupcakes launched in 2005, and are featured at The Arts Centre Maker’s Market at Southbank each Sunday.

Sophisticakes proudly supports Australian community and charitable organizations in lieu of advertising, including: The Royal Childrenąs Hospital, The Victorian Police Association, Hands Across the Water˛and, in association with the brave men and women at RAAF Laverton: Breast Cancer Research and White Ribbon Day!